Meet the Skin Sleuth

Who am I:
Writer by profession and a skincare addict, who only after trying out face paint (makeup) understood the importance of having a perfect canvas (healthy, beautiful skin). My goal is to discover the best in skincare, simplify skincare, and urge others to be savvy about skincare.

What I do:
My beauty playground is quite peculiar. I try to:
- share my skincare journey (I've only been serious about my skincare for about a year now)
- share my nerdiness about skincare (why one should/should not use a particular ingredient/product, understanding skin and its components, etc.)
- share my routines (and why they work) and list my favourite products (YMMV)
- ask for recommendations from other skincare lovers about what works for them and why
- share my agony over the overall lack of great skincare/makeup products for Indian women...yes, I know we're from a third-world country but we deserve better
- share my skincare/makeup wishlists in the hope that someone somewhere who has the power to change things does something about it
- most of all, celebrate being beautiful, which means not only looking great but also feeling equally great 

Product review:
I'm willing to receive products for testing/review. However, please understand that this does not automatically mean that I will post a positive review about it because, come on, a bad product does not deserve good publicity. However, if for any reason, a product does not work for me but is inherently good, I will surely mention it. Needless to say, if your product works, it will be lauded/recommended as it deserves to be.