Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How Korean beauty filled a skincare vacuum in my life

There was a time in my life—not too long ago—when I used to not use a moisturiser or sunscreen. This wasn’t too far back in time but as recent as last year! Many people who live in humid climates will agree with me when I say that thick creamy sunscreens can make one feel greasy and leave a ghostly white cast, so my decision to not wear one was understandable. But what surprises me today is that apart from the icky, white-cast sunscreen, I completely neglected my skin. Things like ph levels, moisture barrier and dehydration were as alien to me as well…aliens!

So what changed in the past few months that now I’m sitting here typing it all out in a stream of consciousness baring my soul (and skin) for you all? What changed so much that I want to stop you in your tracks, grab your hand, make you sit down and explain why you shouldn’t be committing skin blasphemies?

K-beauty…that’s what happened!
While I credit my increasingly improving makeup skills to the ultimate makeup guru—Lisa Eldridge, popular for turning the likes of Kate Winslet, Kiera Knightley and many others into effortless beauties, my class on skincare kick started with Korean beauty or K-beauty as it’s popularly known amongst skincare aficionados.

Earlier this year, I was introduced to K-beauty but I don’t remember exactly how. It could have been a mix of Asian beauty blogs, a random Google search and/or the idea of buying a face wash—the only thing I could relate to skincare until then. But I do remember where exactly this obsession began. If you’re into K-beauty you’d probably know about jolse.com and many other such websites that sell Korean beauty products worldwide. Prior to this, I was known to occasionally log in to a couple of beauty prods sites in India for the random body lotion or face pack purchase, but one toe into the K-beauty waters and I knew that I was in for a deluge!

Before I knew it, one click led to another—one review led to a few (hundred) others—skin types turned out to be as basic as the alphabet and I could see the mecca of ageless, spotless and radiant beauty beckoning me over.

So, over the next few posts, I plan to share the significant milestones that I completed in my skincare journey and I can see, looking back, that I have come a long way. This is the beginning to my skincare story and the lessons I’ve learnt and the tips that I can confidently share with you all. Stay tuned!

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