Thursday, October 20, 2016

PSA: Lookfantastic India slashes its delivery charges

We interrupt the highly interesting toner review series to bring you this public service announcement!

A couple of months ago, I compared the shopping websites Lookfantastic International and Lookfantastic India in this blog post. The bottom line being that the Indian site did not offer any more value over its international counterpart. I wasn't sure if the Lookfantastic guys realised this but it seems that they are doing something about it now.

In my comparison post, you'll see that I have griped about how "If you are spending less than INR 6,000, the tracked cost is INR 1,000. So, there’s no clear advantage over the international site."

Well, the good news is that the Indian site has now slashed its delivery charges by 50 per cent. Look at this!

You can now get tracked delivery for INR 500, no matter what the purchase amount is.

You're welcome! ;)


  1. Have you ever bought anything from lookfantastic? I would like to purchase some items but I've read some bad reviews and i'm feeling hesitant. If you have bought from them, how long did it take to ship to India? And did you receive your products in a good state? I'm just feeling a bit nervous!

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    2. Hi Ria,
      Yes, I have purchased once from Look Fantastic and I have to say it waasn't a pleasant experience because of the customs hassle I faced. Other than that, there was no problem with the order. I'm assuming you live in India and for us international orders do take a long time to reach. So, unless you're prepared to wait about 15 to 30 days (max), I'd advise not to order. I honestly don't remember how long it was for me but I'm guessing it was close to a month. Add to that, my parcel was stuck at the customs office for another 15 days. One tip: do not order items with a total value exceeding INR 2000 otherwise your parcel will get stuck at the customs dept. Learn from my mistakes. :) Hope this helps.

    3. Ah that sucks :( Thanks for the help!