Monday, February 1, 2016

At the beginning

Writing the very first post for any blog is a bit awkward--much like the first day of school, first date, first day of professional life and many such firsts.

But every story has a beginning and so does this. After having blogged (on and off) for more than ten years now--I think my first blog ever was created in 2004--this is my third one. And while my first blog (no longer functional) is floating somewhere in the blogosphere as you read this, the second one is very much active.

So, coming back to this new baby. Why create another blog when you already have one up and running? The reason is a completely new passion of mine, which doesn't really fit under the description of 'the daydreamer'.


Yes, you could get a bit dreamy about skincare products or flawlessly beautiful skin, technically speaking, but this blog is not about that.

This blog is about being skincare-savvy, 'listening' to your skin, figuring out why some things in skincare and makeup work while others don't, how to make the most of what you have whether physiologically or financially, how to shop like a smart customer when it comes to skincare and makeup and then some more. To sum it up, this blog is about being a Skin Sleuth.

So, here it goes.

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